An elegant Ruby on Rails solution for your end users to track development progress.

RailsTracker uses web-hooks to tie into Github Issues. Your users can now monitor issues on a customizable URL (www.yoursite.com/tracker)

How it works:

Rails Tracker is a mountable Rails engine to enhance your end user experience for site owners who want to provide transparency on bug fixes or feature progress. Your developers create Github Issues, which are updated on the customizable tracker URL on your Rails Site. Your users can now see all your live Github Issues (On a bootstrap based Interface) and can monitor or save a particular issue. By tracking items end users recieve alerts by email when the status is updated in Github.

Current Requirements:

  1. Rails 3+
  2. Devise
  3. Active Record

Get Started (Your Gemfile)

gem "rails_tracker"

Read the docs at:


Coming soon (customizable views, support for Mongoid)